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Mackenzie Matters was founded in July 2019 by threee business women, Kim Guthrie, Lynda Moreland and Louise Skavlebo.  The group formed is made up of union members, local business owners and concerned citizens.  Mackenzie Maters is a non-partisan group that has come together to involved our community and take action and stand up to be heard.  Our group is focised on having the government of British Columbia listen and make changes when required within the forest practise code to make our forest resource attainable, usable and keep our mills open and our community residents employed. Mackenzie Matters is undertaking actions to ensure a sustainable Timber Supply Area for this community.  We are working together to achieve sustainable resources for Mackenzie and a commitment to reacting to change in a positive way.  We are determined to maintian fair and equal access of our timber supply.  Mackenzie Matters held a successful rally on August 22, 2019 that attracted multiple speakers which included the Honorable Doug Donaldson, Minister of Forest, Lands and Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development.  We need change and we want it now.  Mackenzie Matters!  Our Logs, Our Jobs!

Our next General Meeting will be held November 21st, 2019.  Our Guest Speakers will be the Mackenzie Matters Committee. If you wish to attend this meeting please call the Chamber at 250-997-5459.  

Auction Night....our famous Auction was held on Saturday November 16th.  It was an amazing evening.  We had a full house, great food from all of our restuarants and amazing donations.  We are so thankful to everyone who supported the Chamber for this yearly event.  Job Well Done!!

Please welcome our newest members to the Mackenzie Chamber Family...Gemini Heli Ltd, 7-11 Store, United Way of Northern B.C.!