Moving Business Forward


We are a non-profit organization designed to meet community and area needs.  As a volunteer organization of progressive individuals, businesses and staff, we work together to advance the commercial, financial, industrial and civic interests of the community to reach economic success.


Our Mission Statement


To move forward through personalized support and diverse promotions to improve trade and commerce in order to enhance the civic and social welfare in the Mackenzie Area!


Prior to taking on a project, normally committee-driven, the Board of Directors and the Membership should address these:


Five Key Questions

1. Does it Fit our Mission?

2. Will it build the membership and business community?

3. Will it strenghten the policy process?

4. Does it add value for the membership?

5. Will it improve communication?


The Chamber is Funded by:


The District of Mackenzie

Fundraising Events




The Chamber consists of:

A Board of Directors

Office Manager

Office Assistant

Top Ten Reasons for Joining the Chamber

  1. Building Your Business/Reputation: We are successful because of the people we know. Belonging to the Chamber is not about selling things; it's about building rapport. It's about meeting people who can help you succeed.
  2. Policy/Positions: Typically involved in quiet diplomacy and lobbying, together with the BC and Canadian Chamber, a unified effort is in place to make available more services from your Municipal, Provincial and Federal institutions.
  3. Member Discounts: We have a number of discount programs exclusive to Chamber members, including significant savings on Visa/Mastercard Merchant rates, as well as a fuel discount program with Esso. Chamber members always pay less at Chamber trade show and workshops.
  4. Chamber Insurance: This national group insurance program allows small businesses, even one-person operations, to enjoy group benefits (dental, medical, drug, disability, and retirement savings).
  5. The Voice of Business: The Chamber is regularly asked to provide input on behalf of the business community. Whether it's commenting on Government policy, or advising on community issues, the Chamber provides the business perspective.
  6. Networking: We have a wide variety of events that you can attend, from our monthly General Meetings (third Thursday of each month) to Special Meetings with captivating speakers.
  7. Information: The Chamber will keep you up-to-date on news and events in your community, province and country, often before anyone else.
  8. Monthly Newsletter: You will receive a free copy of our quarterly Chamber newsletter which will you keep up-to-date on local business news, local Chamber news, plus legislative news from both the Provincial and National news.
  9. Benefits, Benefits, Benefits: Click here for Member Benefit Programs.pdf
  10. Business Resource Library: A wide array of texts and research materials for people interested in starting a business, expanding a business, improving a business, etc. 


2023 Dues Schedule






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