2024 Executive & Board Of Directors

The Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors is made up of a group of volunteers elected to be executive by the Chamber members at the Annual General Meeting. The Board includes a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and an important group of Directors for education, economic development, community service, and liaison to industry, ministry, the District of Mackenzie, and labour unions.


 President: Shannon Bezo, College of New Caledonia

Vice President: Michelle Bobrel

Secretary: Megan Brumovksy, Silver Dove Imagery

Treasurer: Lucy Hinkelman, self


Ashley Boyd, Bull Dog Diesel

Viktor Brumovsky, Ministry of Natural Resources

Judy Close, self

Jeanne Hegel, Alexander Mackenzie Hotel

Stephanie Killam, self

Tori Plamondon, RBC

Alicia Storvold, Mackenzie Consumer Co-Op

Nancy Windsor, Gammies Daycare


Amber Hipkiss, Council

Rachelle Dumoulin, District of Mackenzie