Finlay Forest Management

Finlay Forest Management is a joint venture between Chu Cho Forestry, a First Nation owned forestry company which manages Tsay Keh Dene's forestry tenures, and KDL Resource Management, a forest management company with extensive experience and expertise delivering a comprehensive suite of high quality professional forestry services to clients. Finlay Forest Management is based in Mackenzie, BC and specializes in full phase development and has the capacity to deliver management solutions on a wide variety of projects. Our mission is to provide top quality and fully comprehensive products to our clients while providing employment opportunities within Tsay Keh Dene's territory and beyond. Our objective is to be the dominant provider of forestry and other professional services within the Mackenzie TSA (Timber Supply Area) and a competitive and well regarded contractor across BC.

Consulting · Forestry · Industry

1200 Mill Road Mackenzie, BC V0J 2C0

Contact: Mark Pride
Phone: (250) 645-4982